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Trap Yoga

We do more than just 'trap' yoga. Trap Yoga is power yoga done to a series of Hip-Hop/ R&B/ Soul music. We also offer: Vinyasa, Kundalini, and Gentle Yoga. Our amazing instructor(s) include Néa, Quest, and Domi!


This Colombian based fitness style, better known as Zumba, involves a mix of Latinx music and high energy dance moves. Working every single part of your body! Join our lovely, CC, for Zumba!

Burlesque/  Twerk

Burlesque consists of a series of squats and sexy dance moves designed to make you feel confident in all that you are, while focusing on increasing flexibility, building core strength, and toning up that peach! 

Speaking of peach, Twerk Class happens to be all things glutes, thighs, and legs! We love Twerk class because you always feel it in your lower body, and build those muscles! Neec will make this a class you will fall in-love with!


Therapy, for your energy. Quest, is hands-on during his healing Reiki sessions, where he uses massage therapy and energy navigation, to release and allow all energy to transmit through your bodies.

These sessions can be customized depending on what may be going on with your body.