Trap Yoga Studios

Who We Are

We don't do things 'typical', at all. We are not your 'typical' yoga studio. We laugh. We have fun. We sweat. We cuss. We release. We are our authentic selves at Trap Yoga Studios, and that is what we live by. We are a safe space for all. 

We went from hosting classes at multiple establishments throughout Pittsburgh in 2018, to opening our third location in E. Liberty this past winter, and it would not have been possible without all of our wonderful supporters. 

Check us out. We are Black Owned. Women Owned. Locally Owned.

Meet Our instructors


C.C. loves Zumba and shaking her booty while teaching others to do the same. C.C.’s passion for Zumba started in 2016. She began her health journey and wanted to add a fun cardio class to her routine. She tried Zumba and fell in love. In 2017, she became an instructor to share this positive fitness experience with others. Zumba helped C.C. lose 100 lbs. Her goal is to make her students aware that fitness has no size and that fitness is for everyone and to do what makes you happy. C.C. teaches Zumba throughout Pittsburgh and participates in many fitness events. She has a BA in Psychology and MA in Organizational Leadership and is currently working on her Doctorate degree in Education with a Specialization in Organizational Leadership. She looks forward to dancing with you! 


Deneese is a dancer/ choreographer from Pittsburgh PA. She attended several dance studios since the age of three and has continued her love of dance into adulthood. Over the past 23 years, she has studied all genres of dance including tap, jazz, ballet, pointe, hip-hop, lyrical, Zumba & cheer. Deneese attended Kent State University where she served as a captain of her hip-hop dance team. She obtained her bachelors in Human Development and Family Studies with a concentration in Child Development as well as a bachelors in Psychology. Deneese has developed ConFitDance as a therapeutic means to promote confidence, positive self image, and relief from everyday stressors.


Jonathan Brown aka Jon Quest is a Reiki Master, a Meditator, and a Yoga Teacher. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, Quest lived quite an adventurous life. The name “Quest” means the one who seeks adventure. Being a creative artist and a techie, you may be wondering what led him do​wn this path to be an intuitive healer? The answer to that is a lot of pain, but he discovered his life purpose throughout the fight.

He learned the healing modality, Gendai Reiki which is a Japanese form of energy healing, and received his certifications and training from Raion Zou Holistic Healing. Understanding the need to embrace the divine feminine and divine masculine, he aims to create a safe space for all, but especially for black and brown men to be vulnerable and to educate them on the benefits of embracing both divine sides within them.​.


Yoga has been a part of my life for over 6 years, it has helped me grow physically and spiritually. I started yoga as a way to relax and gain a better sense of what I want to contribute to the world. I am creative and nurturing, yoga has allowed me to be both of those things on and off of the mat. I completed my 200hr training with Prana Das Yoga with hopes of obtaining my 300hr certification as well. I am currently enrolled in my local community college for Education, and working full time as a special education paraeducator. I will always consider myself a student and want to continue to learn as well as share my practice with others. My motto has always been “it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey”. Yoga is a way to relax, recenter, and be in the moment. No matter how flexible you are or not, making it to the mat is what matters. I want my students to be patient and kind to themselves.


Dominique is a certified yoga instructor and life coach. Mental health is Dominique’s passion! She started her mental health journey in 2016 while attending college at Temple University. She worked as health peer educator at the University’s Wellness Resource Center through out her time there. In 2019, she took things further and got certified as a yoga instructor to expand her craft. Dominique always enjoyed yoga and testing her flexibility but she loves having the opportunity to teach others even more. Her classes are always relaxing, rejuvenating & focused on each pose you all will do. You can always look forward to a dope playlist! She’s very excited to work with you all!