All About Trap Yoga's Founder:

Pittsburgh Trap Yoga, was Founded by Martinéa Goss in July of 2018. It started out as a small idea to just get people together to do yoga and drink good wine. It then transformed into a movement within itself. It turned into a sanctuary for men, women, minorities, LGBTQ, and even children, to come and be their very most authentic selves. She made sure to have many branches of Trap Yoga, to be include every interest in some way: Yoga & Wine, Yoga & Brunch, Stoned Yoga, and so much more! Martinéa, also known as Trap Yogii, makes it her mission to go to non-profit organizations, high schools and local colleges/ universities regularly to implement this aspect of Health & Wellness into their daily lives. 

Ursula Howard

Ursula says her superpower is teaching yoga. Born and raised in the heart of Pittsburgh, Pa. She has been doing yoga since she was 18 years old and what she has learned with her practice is that anyone can do yoga. She has completed her 200 hours of Raja Yoga training with Yoga Roots On Location in November 2018.

"No matter what your body type you can do yoga." Her goal is to teach you to make space for yourself in your practice. The main focus on having a great time in class, and if you do not get the pose right away or have to modify your poses you are still doing yoga.

She is bringing the eye pillows, essential oils, and yoga techniques lets have fun.

Jaclyn Janocsko

"I am a white woman who grew up in the South Hills of PA. I currently reside with my boyfriend Evan and puppy Luna. I have been developing my personal yoga practice since 2011, when a dear friend, first introduced me to Hot Yoga. Since then I have found a love for restorative and gentle yoga styles that include the support of blocks, blankets, bolsters, and pillows. In 2018 I went through 200 hours of yoga teacher training centered in anti-racist community building. Through that training, race as a critical layer to healing was brought to the surface for me and has completely redirected my healing path. It is my intention to share this healing work in the community, and take the perfection off the mat to make the power that is yoga accessible to everyone."