Trap Yoga Studios

Book a Private Party

Our Private Yoga Parties, happen to be one of our most popular services, and we know why! Our parties are truly one of a kind and are designed to give you the experience while working towards your fitness goals alongside your peers. 

Our Yoga Parties can be both virtual and/or in-studio. They can also include any other classes we offer (Twerk, Burlesque, Zumba). There's more...all parties include wine and refreshments (smoothies can be substituted for non-alcoholic parties).

Pricing varies for in-studio and virtual parties. Pricing is as follows:

- In-studio is $30/ person inc. 1 glass per person and refreshments. There is an 8 person minimum and a 15 person maximum.

- Virtual is $20/person and inc. contactless delivery (if applicable). There is a 15 person minimum and no limitation on number of guests. 

*Additional services can be added: Candle making, painting, and stoner-friendly yoga parties.